Posted by: twodogtales | April 20, 2017

Alexandria Love Your Pet Day April 23

Dog owners know that EVERY day is Love Your Pet day, but it’s still nice to see a city declare it, too. Not only is this Sunday, April 23, Alexandria Love Your Pet Day, the city is holding a block party to celebrate!

From 11 am to 2 pm bring your pup to the Wholistic Hound Academy at 18 Roth St to enjoy food trucks, entertainment, games and demonstrations. There will be a scavenger hunt, goodie bags and health assessments as well. 

Get more information here



  1. Gotta ask…

    What are dogs’ favorite food trucks? 🙂

    • You know the answer! ALL food trucks!

  2. This is really a fun activity for us dog lovers. It is a good thing that some people organizes events just like this.

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