Posted by: twodogtales | April 13, 2018

Dog movie marathon April 14

So not everyone likes sunshine and (finally) the arrival of spring. Or, as is often the case in the D.C. area, the skipping of spring to go right into 80-degree summer weather.

If you’re one of those people, and you’re looking for an indoor way to lose yourself in dog stories tomorrow, the Beatley Library on Duke Street in Alexandria is the place for you.

The Dog Day Movie Marathon is a family-, but NOT dog-friendly, showing of three classic dog movies:

At 11:00 am, members of the Coast Guard Search and Rescue will be at Beatley with their trained rescue animals.

You can also catch Lady and the Tramp at 3:00 pm at the Burke Branch Library. The name is misleading, it’s not located in Burke, but on Seminary Road in Alexandria (it’s actually named after a longstanding director, Ellen Coolidge Burke).


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