Posted by: twodogtales | July 9, 2018

Spa with your pup!

With Americans spending over $69 billion on our pets in 2017, according to the American Pet Products Association, it’s obvious we like to spoil our pets. But how awesome would it be to spend quality time with your pooch, while pampering YOURSELF?

You can, at Adara Spa in Shirlington! Once a month, the spa hosts a “Dog Day”. Dogs can come in to the spa, join you in the treatment room, and enjoy yummy treats. Best of all, the spa offers discounts and special offers on a variety of services for humans, including facials, light therapy, and more.

Sundae and I went in May, and had a blast. She jumped right up on the reception area chair, like the Queen Bee she is, acting like she owned the place.

Sundae spa 1

After I settled in for a Pumpkin Facial in the treatment room, she checked in with me with wet-nose ear snuffles periodically as Leah applied the lotions. During the portion of the facial where you relax and let everything soak in, Sundae decided to jump up on the table and drape herself across me.  Ooof.

But honestly, I loved having her there with me, and she got LOADS of attention from the staff and other customers.

Sundae spa 2

The next Dog Day is July 19. Appointments fill up fast,  but you can always stop by for the dog treats and schedule a discounted treatment for another day. And I’ll let you in on a secret–dogs are ALWAYS welcome, it doesn’t need to be a Dog Day to bring your pooch to keep you company during your treatment.


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