Posted by: twodogtales | October 9, 2014

Register, don’t run, still help GRREAT

SpecialDogs2014You may know that I volunteer for GRREAT, Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training. It’s a (no pun intended) great organization with hundreds of passionate volunteers who have dedicated incredible amounts of time and money for 25 years to helping Golden Retrievers get back to health and live the rest of their lives as loved family members in forever homes.

GRREAT never turns its back on any Golden because of age or medical issue. The picture shows just a few of the special needs dogs who were surrendered or dumped by their owners that GRREAT has taken in and helped.

GRREAT has been chosen as one of the ten charities in the annual Race For A Cause, and it is the only animal-related charity this year. Each charity receives funds based on the number of people they can get to register for the race.

Your $30-$35 registration fee could turn into $50,000 for the GRREAT dogs, if enough people sign up and choose GRREAT. This amount represents nearly 1/5 of GRREAT’s average yearly vet care expenses.

GRREAT’s goal is to get 800 people to register and choose GRREAT. Even if you can’t race or attend, your registration still counts!

The registration period ends on October 18th. Register here:













  1. Thank you SO much!!! :))

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  2. Do you know if dogs are allowed to run in the race?

    Tracy Krulik 703.399.0112

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