Posted by: twodogtales | February 2, 2013

Kurgo goodie giveaway

Pet travel product company Kurgo has a giveaway every Friday on their Facebook page, and a few weeks ago, I won! They post the item(s) that they’re giving away, page visitors “like” the post, then they pick and post a name from all the “likes” and the winner has 30 minutes to respond to the post or they pick another name.

Check out Kurgo’s Facebook page.

One of the prizes was a black fleece vest for humans with an embroidered Kurgo logo. Here’s a picture of the vest modeled by Chatham, since she’s a lot prettier than I am!


The other prize was a Collaps A Bowl. This is a really cool thing-I-never-knew-I-needed. The bowl stores flat:


Then when you want to use it, you just pop it up, and it holds up to 24 ounces of liquid or food.


This is totally going to replace the hard plastic bowl stored on my car’s floor that I use to give the girls water on road trips or when we’re hiking. At only an inch thick when collapsed, I can put it out of sight in the seat back pocket. Anything to keep the car, I mean dogmobile, even a little tidier!

It’s dishwasher safe, and fairly thick rubber, although it wouldn’t last a minute if your dog is a chewer.

Thanks, Kurgo!



  1. They pose so well! Beautiful dogs!

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