Posted by: twodogtales | June 8, 2012

D-oga: yoga with your dog June 16

We all know how much spending time with our dogs relaxes us. And so does a good yoga workout. So why not combine the two and attend a Yoga for Your Dog workshop?

Updog Connection has created Yoga for Your Dog workshops designed to help owners build a better connection with their dog. Join instructor Suzanne Morgan and her Greyhound Olivia and learn yoga techniques such as pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas and meditation. No prior experience with yoga is needed.

The workshop is recommended for dogs who:

  • are anxious
  • are too rambunctious and full of energy
  • are shy and afraid
  • bark too much
  • also perfect if your dog is happy, well balanced and well behaved

There are two upcoming workshops:

Class size is limited to 12 dogs, and participants are asked to bring a blanket, leash, yoga mat and just one dog.

Cost is $25 per dog (people free). Register online here or call the studio at 703-525-YOGA.


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