Posted by: twodogtales | June 4, 2012

Lucky Dog BBQ in pictures

Had Lucky Dog Animal Rescue been able to custom-order weather for the celebration of their third anniversary on Saturday, June 2, they wouldn’t have changed a thing.

No humidity, temperatures in the mid-70s, and beautiful blue skies welcomed a hundred or so volunteers, foster parents, adopted and adoptable dogs, and other supporters who came out to celebrate.

 The event was held at a private home in Potomac, Md., with a fully-fenced 1 1/2-acre yard, large patio with a grill, and plenty of benches and areas for guests to relax, eat burgers and romp with their dogs.

Dogs were allowed to go anywhere on the grounds they wanted, including this prime spot picked by one Lucky Dog right next to the grill.

Other dogs opted for the comfort of their owner’s lap.

And some were quite content to hang out on the patio hoping for handouts.

Dogma Bakery set up a doggie treat bar that was very popular with the four-legged guests, even if their owners were nowhere nearby.

Lucky Dog had many of their adoptable pups there. Raleigh, a 7-month-old St. Bernard mix, absolutely stole my heart. As I was sitting on a knoll watching the dogs play, he came over and plopped down in my lap for a cuddle. If you know anyone looking for a pup to bring home, this guy is a total sweetheart. Calm, gentle and very comfortable around people. If I didn’t already have two, he’d have come home with me!

Some dogs dressed for the event with colorful accessories.

And this poodle didn’t seem to mind having her face, well, her nose, painted.

Sundae tried out the agility course, her first time ever, and was a superstar!

This little guy chilled out while his owner chatted.

All in all, it was a wonderful event for a great cause. I can only imagine most owners had a very quiet night with their exhausted, but happy, pooches!


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