Posted by: twodogtales | December 28, 2010

After receiving, think about giving

DC holiday greetingsIt’s the last week of the year, the frenzied pre-holiday gift shopping is over and hopefully you had nothing to return this year. But as the last few hours of 2010 tick away, here’s a thought: dogs give us so much, why not give back?

Your own pooches are probably as spoiled as they can be. But there are so many dogs out there that need help, you can think of it as paying it forward. By writing a check to an animal shelter or breed rescue organization, you’re helping someone else be able to feel the unconditional love and joy your dog brings you.

I’ve written about the good work and fundraising efforts of more than a few local groups in this blog, including:

GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training)
Washington Animal Rescue League
Washington Humane Society
Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation
Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

My own dear Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever-Border Collie-who knows what else mix Sundae hails from the Animal Welfare Society of Howard County in Maryland.  

And, I don’t want to forget Pets2Vets, a nonprofit that pairs shelter dogs with veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Check out this video from the Time magazine video website featuring P2V founder Dave Sharpe and his pit bull mix Cheyenne, who inspired Dave to create P2V. In just a little more than a year, P2V has matched 24 dogs and veterans.

You can also research and choose from nearly 250 animal rights, welfare and service organizations profiled on the Charity Navigator website, which rates charities on their fundraising efficiency.

As I sit here typing, my girls peacefully sleeping beside me, I am thankful for all the love and laughter they have brought to my life this past year. And I plan to show my thanks by helping other not so fortunate animals.



  1. Beautiful picture Gwyn! And a beautiful reminder. Thank you.

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