Posted by: twodogtales | December 14, 2010

Free spay/neuter for “bully” breeds

This weekend at the Shirlington dog park, I started chatting with a woman who had a young male pit or pit-mix. The dog was about a year old and not neutered. He was very sweet, but his owner said he recently had been attracting a lot of attention from other dogs at the park, and she was concerned. She asked if I knew any place that offered low-cost neutering, because she couldn’t afford what the regular veterinarian charges. 

Unfortunately I didn’t, and recommended she contact a local shelter such as the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which is across the street from the park.

Well wouldn’t you know, I just now came across the Washington Animal Rescue League’s free monthly spay/neuter clinic for “bully” breeds. The second Monday of every month, the shelter has a free one-day medical clinic for pit bulls, American Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs, mastiffs, cane corsos, and presa canarios.

Dogs are spayed or neutered and given rabies, DHPP and bordetella shots at no charge. The clinics are on a first come, first serve basis.

To qualify, owners must have a yearly income of no more than $45,000 and reside in the District of Columbia, Arlington, Alexandria, Montgomery County, or Prince George’s County.

Hopefully that woman will read this post. I really admire that she recognized that she needs to have her dog neutered for his own safety, there are so many people out there who don’t take that important step, and too many dog fights—not to mention unwanted puppies—as a result.


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