Posted by: twodogtales | August 21, 2010

County blocks doggie day care

Wag More Dogs, the new doggie day care next to the Shirlington dog park that has been under construction for many months STILL can’t open, thanks to the Arlington County Zoning Office. They have decided that the colorful mural that hundreds of Arlington County residents and dog park visitors have enjoyed watching being painted over the months constitutes advertising, not art, because there are cartoon dogs on it. Watch the ABC News 7 story:

Here’s a picture of what the mural looks like, now hidden behind trashy-looking blue tarps:

As the recession forces small businesses to close their doors every day, it’s a shame that a business that is trying to open is being blocked for artwork that is so much more attractive than a gray cinderblock wall. One of the reasons many dog owners move to Arlington County–and become taxpayers–is the Shirlington dog park and dog-friendly businesses we have here.

If you want to express your opinion about this issue, call the Arlington County Zoning Administration Office at 703-228-3883.



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  2. That’s a shame, it looked great. 😦

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