Posted by: twodogtales | August 16, 2010

Delicious Dogma birthday

Chatham, Sundae and I stopped by Dogma Bakery & Boutique in Shirlington on Saturday afternoon. To celebrate owner Sheila Raebel’s dog Bailey’s birthday, they were serving free dog ice cream and cake.

The cake had safe-for-dogs chocolate-like icing.

The shop carries a number of different flavors of dog ice cream, and from the looks of the dogs in the store, they are all delicious. The only problem seemed to be keeping the cups from sliding across the wood floors, but Chatham figured out a solution.

She wasn't in the corner as punishment!

Dogma has a great selection of toys, treats and natural foods for dogs, along with dog-themed home decorating and gift items. According to their website, Raebel bought the original Arlington store in 2008, and added the Shirlington location this year.

Chloe and Max sharing their cool treat.

With more than a dozen restaurants that all offer outdoor seating, Shirlington Village makes a great dog-friendly weekend outing. After you’ve had your fill of Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American or other fare, you can take your pup to Dogma for a treat. Then you can head across South Arlington Mill Drive to the Shirlington Dog Park to get some exercise and work off the treats you just indulged in!

While others shared, Sundae's stance clearly said "over my dead body will you take my ice cream."



  1. What a fun event! Max and Chloe found a new treat to enjoy, ice cream!

  2. Thank you so much for writing about our store and our event! Bailey turned 9 this month; not sure exactly when since she is a rescue dog, but it seemed like as good a time as any to celebrate!

    I’m so glad your dogs liked the treats! I’m very fortunate to have so many staff members that work hard at coming up with new “ice cream” flavors! Blueberry is our most recent, with cheese being the flavor of the month last month. Sounds yucky to us; but it’s been a big hit!

    We really enjoy having so many dogs come and visit – in the next month or so, we’ll get the back area cleaned up and we’ll have tables and chairs and a lounge area for you to come hang out with the dogs in bad weather!

    Thanks again for writing and thank you for coming in!

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