Posted by: twodogtales | August 14, 2010

The insurance question

Especially in a high cost of living area like DC, the cost of pet health care can be overwhelming. And that’s just for the run-of-the-mill stuff. If you get into serious health issues you can spend a month’s or even year’s worth of mortgage payments. Not to mention the stress of being forced into valuing your beloved pet’s companionship against your budget’s capacity.  

So I thought I’d share this article from USA Today that came out a few days ago: Popularity rises for pet health insurance

It provides a good overview of the industry, names some providers, and gives you a good idea of what premiums cost. I have to say I wish I had it during the last couple years of my last Golden’s life. As she battled a ruptured spleen tumor, epilepsy and various other old age conditions, I spent thousands. Not that it would matter, but you never get a “Over the next 6 months this will cost you $8,000.” It’s always cumulative. $500 here, $750 there. As with all insurance, it’s a gamble whether you, or the insurance company, will benefit in the end.

Be safe and enjoy your weekend!


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