Posted by: twodogtales | June 24, 2010

June 25 is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Pet Sitters International started Take Your Dog to Work Day in 1999 to celebrate the bond we have with our canine pals, and to encourage adoptions of dogs in shelters and from rescue groups. Check out this cute video on YouTube, “Top Ten Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work.”

Forget about vacation, gym memberships and flexible spending accounts–the benefits of being able to take your dog to work, everyday, are outstanding. I’ve been lucky enough to have had two jobs, at HorsePlay magazine (sadly no longer in publication) and Nutramax Laboratories, where I brought my Golden to work.

Not only did it keep me from shooting out of the office right at 5 o’clock, by getting rid of that stress of knowing my poor pooch was at home with yellow eyeballs if I had to work late, but she lifted the spirits of my co-workers with quick belly rub breaks. It puts petty workplace politics into perspective when a sweet Golden greets everyone with unconditional love and a wagging tail.  

Find out more about Take Your Dog to Work Day at They have tips on preparing your dog for the office, and information to help you show the value to your boss, such as the fact that one in five U.S. companies allow pets in the workplace.


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