Posted by: twodogtales | May 24, 2010

Dog park clean-up day

Shirlington Dog Park clean-up day was yesterday. Luckily there wasn’t a ton to do, for the most part people do clean up after their dogs, so most of the work was sweeping and scraping dirt off the paved path.

Keith, volunteer dog park manager

Keith Fred, a volunteer that oversees the park, organized the event.
Hundreds of people use the park, and it seems on warm, nice weather weekends that number reaches into the thousands! Which is great, as long as everyone cleans up, and keeps an eye on their dog. There’s nothing worse than some aggressive dog starting a fight and their owner is off gabbing on their cell phone, blissfully unaware of the ugliness that is about to ensue.

Smiling volunteers clear the path

The park is open dawn to dusk, seven days a week. You can find out more about the Shirlington Dog Park by joining the Yahoo Group Shirlington Dogs II.

A couple of young sweepers from The Muddy Mutt


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