Posted by: twodogtales | March 12, 2017

Seat-belt law…for dogs?

According to an article in Sunday’s Washington Post, a lawmaker in Maine recently proposed a law that would require dogs to be restrained in moving vehicles. Read the story here

I’m personally in favor of using anything that might keep your beloved pet from becoming a projectile in a crash. I used to drive a convertible and knew any collision would be bad for my Golden. And I’ve heard too many stories of traumatized dogs running off after being thrown from cars in crashes. I’ve had belts ever since (although I am guilty of not always using them for short local rides). 

But I can’t say I support yet another law that fits the personal feelings of some, but not all. So in this case, I’m glad he withdrew the bill. But if you do want to belt your pups, here is the Center for Pet Safety website and the one belt that passed their test. 

As you can see, Chatham would probably prefer that Sundae always be tied to the other side of the back seat…

Two dogs in back seat of car


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