Posted by: twodogtales | November 23, 2015

Dog’s blades made by local company

I get my daily dose of celebrity gossip from the Daily Mail, and they generally feature feel-good animal rescue stories as well. Turns out one about a doggie blade runner named Daisy was made possible by a local company, Animal Ortho Care in Chantilly, Va.

Animal Ortho Care makes prosthetics and braces to help animals regain mobility and a good quality of life. This photo of a device they made for a small dog without front legs is from the company’s website.


Right now they have a GoFundMe campaign raising money to make prosthetics for working elephants in Thailand who lost limbs stepping on land mines.

Keep up the good work!




  1. Have you heard of Noel Fitzpatrick, the supervet in the UK. Amazing man. You would live him. Dedicates his life to animals, and rebuild their limbs or creates new ones. I love the series on TV. Mx

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