Posted by: twodogtales | September 14, 2015

Alexandria dog parks are in jeopardy!

Protect Alexandria’s dog parks! The Alexandria Parks and Recreation Commission is considering a proposal to remove the designation of three unfenced dog exercise areas. There will be a public hearing on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 7:00 pm at the Mt. Vernon Recreation Center, 2701 Commonwealth Ave. to receive public comment on the proposal.

The dog exercise areas under consideration for elimination are:

The Commission is also seeking comments regarding the status of other designated unfenced dog exercise areas.

The proposal means getting rid of the areas, not fencing them in. It is important for dog owners to participate in the hearing and protect these exercise areas, or demand that the city replace them with fenced or alternate areas. The suburbs inside the Beltway are densely populated, and dog exercise areas are frequently the only place condo-, apartment- or townhouse-dwelling dog owners can play off-leash with their pups.

The community’s voice DOES matter. Back in 2011, Arlington County instituted a rule banning children from the Shirlington dog park. After significant protest from park users and media attention, Arlington backed off and rescinded the rule.

Learn more about the proposal.

Find out about all of Alexandria’s dog parks, animal legislation and licensing here.



  1. Thanks for making us aware of this! It would be terrible to lose those dog parks!

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