Posted by: twodogtales | March 9, 2014

Review: Maryland DogFest

Even with a significant drop in temperature and lots more wind than yesterday, the Maryland DogFest drew a good crowd on Sunday, March 9. Held at the Charles County Fairgrounds, the demonstrations and acts were outdoors and the booths were inside non-heated buildings, so attendees pretty much had to stay bundled up.

This sweet little guy, up for adoption from Sleepy’s Dream Pit Bull Rescue, kept warm and caught some shut-eye while guarding the booth’s stock of t-shirts at the same time!IMG_3875

Other pups kept warm wrapped in their owner’s coats while their owner shivered in short sleeves.


There were about 20 different rescue groups in the adoption zone. Chatham donned a special vest, keeping warm and collecting donations for GRREAT.


Many of the adoption booths had puppies needing forever homes, which were very popular with the kids.


The acts were entertaining, especially Mutts Gone Nuts, who performed a vaudeville-style comedy act with about a half dozen dogs, all of whom were rescues. And the Jersey Disc Devils ranged in age from a two-year-old in training to a 10-year-old veteran.


It took about an hour to drive out there from D.C., but the event was well worth it. And as usually happens when you venture into unknown territory, I discovered an awesome barbeque place on the drive home, Texas BBQ & Ribs. It’s on Route 301 just south of La Plata, and the ribs were fall-off-the-bone, the corn bread was fresh and sweet and I don’t know what they did to the mac & cheese, but it worked!

Here’s one more unforgettable face from Sleepy’s Pit Bull Rescue:





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