Posted by: twodogtales | September 16, 2013

Pups in the Park: pictures

Two of my best friends are borderline psychotic in their obsession with the Washington Nationals. To the point where I won’t watch or go to games with them because all they talk about is batting averages and even which player got his hair cut. Barf.

But Saturday night, they were going to the game, and a couple of other friends who might actually talk to me about non-baseball topics were going as well. It was a gorgeous, non-humid DC night, so what the heck, I tagged along.

Imagine my happiness to discover the seats they’d bought off Stubhub just happened to be in Section 141–the same section reserved for the canine spectators participating in the Nats’ Pups in the Park event!

There were dogs everywhere. Dressed up dogs.

Little dogs.

Philly fan dogs.

Nats fan dogs.

Dogs that were very curious.

And dogs that could care less.

Best of all, dogs from the Washington Humane Society looking for their forever home, like Molly.

I don’t know how many dogs were there–dog tickets sold out weeks ago–but it seemed like at least 100. There was a special area with fake turf laid down for the dogs to do their business, and each dog had their own seat, whether they chose to sit in it or not.

Next baseball season, I’m signing up for Pups in the Park the minute tickets go on sale!

Oh yeah, the Nats lost, 5-4.


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