Posted by: twodogtales | July 3, 2013

Avoid a frantic Fourth

With my last Golden, both the Fourth of July and thunderstorms struck fear in my heart. I never knew what level of destruction I would come home to.

The poor girl was beside-herself frightened of both fireworks and thunder, so much so that she would try to dig herself to China to get away. Which meant shredded carpeting, chewed door frames, scratched walls and sheared-off teeth.

I tried everything.

Puppy Prozac, crating, acupuncture, desensitizing by playing thunder soundtracks while feeding copious amounts of her favorite treats.

Sadly, the only thing that worked was her eventual hearing loss due to old age. Which debunks the theory that dogs are responding to changes in the barometric pressure, not the noise.

Chatham, alas, also does not like thunderstorms or fireworks. Luckily, so far all she does is whine and wedge herself under my bed.

Last summer during very local Independence Day celebrations (i.e. illegal fireworks shot off on my street every night for a week), I figured out that a “safe room” is a good solution. I put her in a basement hallway, closed all the doors, and turned on a large fan to create white noise. Every time I checked on her, she was calmly laying down.

If that ever stops working though, Thundershirt here we come!

Here are some tips from PetFinder (where I found Sundae, thank you!) on keeping your pets safe during the holiday:



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  1. I LOVE your header photo! Your dogs are gorgeous!

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