Posted by: twodogtales | January 4, 2013

Tying your dog outside a shop

I took this cute picture of Chatham, Sundae and their friend Lily attentively waiting for me and Lily’s owner outside a coffee shop the other day.


I never tie the girls outside unless I’m running into a shop for no more than a minute or two, and I can stay close to the door and watch them at all times.

But it got me thinking. Especially in urban neighborhoods, you see dogs tied up outside shops all the time.

Unfortunately, I found that dog-napping in such circumstances is not uncommon.

Just about a week ago, on Christmas Eve, a little girl’s beloved pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was stolen from outside a shop in New York City.

Luckily, though, this particular story had a happy ending. A good samaritan paid $220 out of her own pocket to “buy” Marley from the thieves, and he was reunited with his young owner, thanks to his microchip.

Watch Marley’s reunion with his young owner on this story by ABC News.

This is one big reason why it’s dangerous to tie up your dog outside a store. Even if you’re in a “safe” neighborhood, your dog could get scared and slip their collar. Or a leashed dog going by could get aggressive and you’re not there to protect your pup.

Marley’s story is also a huge testimonial for microchipping your pet. Without the chip, who knows if Marley ever would have been reunited with Mia.

If your dog isn’t microchipped, your number one New Year’s resolution should be to get it done.

For just $30, you can get your pet chipped at one of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s rabies and microchip clinics. The next clinic is Jan. 24.

See the dates for all AWLA clinics in 2013 here.

I wish more stores would be dog-friendly. But, I understand it’s probably a liability issue. So, just sayin’, be safe with your pet.


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