Posted by: twodogtales | November 10, 2012

Bret Michaels correction; spa day and dine out to help AWLA

Bret Michaels and his two dogsBret Michaels Correction

Oops! My post on the Bret Michaels meet and greet event at PetSmart in Manassas incorrectly listed the event day as Saturday, when it is in fact on FRIDAY, Nov. 16.

Read the post.

My apologies (that’s what I get for posting with a head cold), and thanks to the sharp-eyed blog reader who called the store to confirm and let me know.

AWLA Spa Day Nov. 11

Are your pup’s claws approaching talon status? Need some help getting his/her coat in shape with a good brushing?

Come to the Spa Day at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington on Sunday, Nov. 11 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and have the Pre-Veterinary Club of George Mason University do the work for you in exchange for donations to the shelter!

The club will be trimming nails for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, and will be brushing dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. They will not, however, shave or cut out matts.

Dogs must be on leashes and all other animals must be in carriers. Muzzles will be used at the discretion of the handler.

Contact the pre-veterinary club at with any questions.

Dine Out to Help AWLA Nov. 15

On Thursday, Nov. 15, dine out at the Lebanese Taverna and support the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Bring this flier and 20 percent of your purchase will be donated to the League to the help the animals.

If you can’t come on the 15th, gift cards are included in the promotion. You can purchase gift cards at, be sure to use the AWLA promo code to receive credit.

There are two participating venues: Lebanese Taverna Pentagon Row at 1101 South Joyce Street Arlington, Va. and Lebanese Taverna Westover at 5900 Washington Blvd Arlington, Va.


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