Posted by: twodogtales | March 20, 2012

Bizarre dognapping story

My coworker told me today about this completely bizarre story about a dognapping that she read in her local paper, the Cecil Whig.

The short version is that a family’s beloved elderly black Lab went missing from their home in Ponte Verdra Beach, Fla. A few days later, the mother received an anonymous call that her dog was probably in Maryland.

That’s weird, right? But not as strange as the circumstances that got him there.

The caller said that a relative of hers visiting from New York with her young sons had taken the dog, but she had been arrested for D.U.I. in Maryland on her way back home, and the dog was brought by the police to a local shelter.

But wait, it gets weirder.

About 15 hours after being released from jail the next morning, the dognapper was run over by a train in Havre de Grace, Md., and killed.

The Florida family immediately got on the phone calling shelters, and after more than a dozen, found one that had a dog that matched their dog’s description.

But even just getting him home wasn’t easy.

Through some amazing volunteers from a group called Martha’s Mutt Movers (they unfortunately do not have a website I could find to provide a link), the dog was eventually reunited with his family.

Don’t stop here—the full story is too good to miss.

Read “Black lab’s long, strange journey has a happy ending” on the website.


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