Posted by: twodogtales | October 14, 2010

Why men and women like dogs

Authors Jon Katz and Rita Mae Brown had the audience at the Bailey’s Crossroads Borders in stitches last night with their anecdotes and jokes about the dogs, cats and assorted livestock that have changed their lives. Both spoke of the spiritual bonds they have formed with animals, and what that has meant in their lives. Katz, a jovial man with a self-deprecating sense of humor joked that “Women like dogs because they make an emotional connection. Men like them because they don’t talk.”

Katz inscribed my book to me and my "devil dog," Sundae

He shared stories about the making of the HBO movie of his book “A Dog Year,” which stars Jeff Bridges as Katz and aired last month. He told how one day Bridges and the crew took all the clothes out of his closet and left with them, telling him Bridges wanted to dress “authentically.” Katz later saw an intern taking sandpaper to brand-new LL Bean outfits, identical to Katz’s own, but not appropriately “scruffy.”

The DVD of “A Dog Year” will be available in December.

Brown is an energetic, raspy-voiced sprite with spiky salt-and-pepper hair, a very deep tan and a Joan Rivers-esque sense of humor. Her new book, “A Nose for Justice” is about a Wall Street refuge who retreats to Nevada with her wirehair Dachshund and becomes entangled in a murder mystery. She said “Animals will tell you who you can trust, if your pet doesn’t like someone–PAY ATTENTION!”

Katz offered that his wife’s Rottweiler-Shepherd mix Frieda didn’t like him one bit–until he implemented his “Beef Jerky Training Program,” basically, simple and excessive bribery. He has four books coming out next year, including one on grieving the loss of a pet as well as a collection of short stories.

Katz and Brown drew a standing-room only crowd

Katz, who has written about his past struggles with depression, said that “I think we get the dogs we need at each stage of our lives to help us reach the next stage. Dogs are guides who come into our lives for a reason, and leave for a reason.”





  1. I completely agree with that last comment. Dogs are such a help through the maze of life.

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